The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in back_to_africa,
The Lone Penman

ok, first post.

hi, this is rayne_vandunem, and i just started this community for all African-Americans who are considering moving to, are moving to, are living in, or have returned from sub-Saharan Africa.

I've come to the conclusion that, in order to bring the legacy of the slave trade to an end, we who are desecndants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade should reconnect ourselves and our families to Africa, and they to us, and the best way to pursue such is by immigrating en masse to the Guinea Coast, or the Coast that stretches from Senegal to Cameroon, and, by extension of the TAST, all the way to Angola.

Now...if there is to be ANY immigration to Africa, I think that those who may want to settle themselves there should set up their primary residencies alongside a body of water. No matter if it be the coast (like the Bight of Benin), no matter a river (like the Congo), no matter a lake or reservoir (like Lake Volta), settlement should always take place primarily along a body of water. In this way, communication and transportation will be made as easy as possible, particularly when it would involve any national or provincial capital or major city, or, more importantly, across the Atlantic. Port cities are good places to start.

Plus, violent conflicts and rivalries, as well as diseases like malaria, seem to be alot more rampant within the less accessible areas, like the woods and forests. Any travel guide would tell you that, including

I take the "body of water" idea from what I read about the Maroons of Suriname in South America, who are descended from the escaped slaves who rebelled against the Dutch back in the 1600's and 1700's. Basically, they have always shared the wooded areas with the Aboriginal Surinamers, particularly since the woods acted as a major deterrents against Dutch colonial incursions. However, even in the jungle areas, the Maroons and Aboriginals have tended to live separate lives, with the Maroons living primarily along rivers and lakes, and the Aboriginals living in the least-accesible parts of Suriname.

So that's my idea. What do you guys think?
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